New Release - 37th State

Title: 37th State Compilation

Download Release date: 6th February 2011 - £5.49

Limited Edition CD: 7th February exclusively - £7.99


Label: Mozik Records


Genre: World Music/Afrobeat

Produced by: Stephane Malca



It's a well-known fact that history is cyclical - regenerating and reinventing itself over time. Music as one of the components of culture is very much a part of that transformative process and it's with this in mind that the 37th State was born. Inspired by the continent’s first World Cup finals and Nigeria 50 this compilation uses that essence - pulling together the best in hip hop, funk, soul and jazz under the banner of Afrobeat.

Made famous by Fela Kuti in the 60’s - Afrobeat is a combination of Yoruba music, jazz and funk rhythms, originating from the southern part of Nigeria in the 1960s. Fela was also a human rights activist, political maverick and it’s that zeal and honesty that makes Afrobeat so enduring.

Producer Stephane Malca (founding member of the Malka Family) met Afrobeat musician Dele Sosimi (musical director of the smash hit theatre production FELA!) in London and they have worked closely to use Dele’s Afrobeat roots and Stephane’s ‘purist’ musical background to make this contemporary Afrobeat album - mixed by multi Grammy award winner Jimmy Douglas.

This union created a space for Afrobeat pioneers to work alongside some of the urban artists they have influenced such as TY, Lyric L, B.R.E.I.S., Infinite Livez, J!ffy, Ellie Holland, Terri Walker, Lisa Lore and internationally renowned artistes such as Slum Village, Tony Kofi, Keziah Jones and Ikwunga.

This limited edition double CD package has in the mix music for your mind and feet with the legendary producer/dj Louie Vega reworking “Throw Your Hands”, Ge-ology throwing down on “All Get Down” (feat Ty) and Tony Allen blesses us with a “Best Bet” cut and Yam Who add some flavour on Invisible Hands.

Why 37th State?

In the 19th century, particularly under anti-slavery actions by the British Navy, trade between Britain and Nigeria shifted to commodities such as palm oil and timber. In the early 19th century the Fulani leader, Usman dan Fodio, promulgated Islam and that brought most areas in the north under the loose control of an empire centred in Sokoto.

Following the Napoleonic wars, the British expanded trade within the Nigerian interior. In 1885, British claims to a sphere of influence in that area received international recognition and, in the following year, the Royal Niger Company was chartered. In 1900, the company's territory came under the control of the British Government, which moved to consolidate its hold over the area of modern Nigeria. In 1914, the area was formally united as the ‘Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria’ hence 37th State.

Mo’Zik Records is the brainchild of restaurateur Mourad Mazouz who in partnership with Stephane Malca and Mathieu Massadian started producing his own compilations in 2001. With new partner Caroline Karim Kassar, at the helm of 2007, Mo’Zik Records is taking on new challenges and adds 37th State to this impressive list of titles;



- Arabesque Zoudge 2 (2001)

- Africanesque (2002)

- Arabesque Tlata 3 (2003)

- Sketch 01 Night

- One Night at Momo’s (2004)

- Sketch 02 Day(2005)

- Latinesque (2006)

- They were commissioned by Habitat to produce four compilations by Tracey Emin , Malcolm McLaren, Etienne de Crecy and Gilles Peterson.

- Smadj - Take it and Drive

- Taffetas (2004)

- Arabesque 4 (2008)


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