“ My success in both Paris and London led to many partnership offers from entrepreneurs and investors. I always resisted the temptation of an easy expansion, instead focusing on developing my places and expertise with discernment and no sense of urgency. I need to feel and experience the spaces I create as they come to life. I’m not a chef and I’m not a businessman with a multitude of chain restaurant brands either. I’m a restaurant owner, food is the central element, and what I care about is the heart and soul of each and every restaurant I create. I wouldn’t be content with just replicating a certain style like a formula.”

Mourad Mazouz

Mourad Mazouz was born in Algeria in 1962; he moved to Paris in 1977 and has been living in London since 1995.

Mourad opened his first bistro Au Bascou in Paris in 1988. Since then, he has launched the 404 restaurant in Paris and the phenomenally successful Momo Restaurant Familial in London in 1997, which won the Evening Standard ‘Bar of the Year’ award in its first year of trading. In 1999, Mourad expanded Momo by opening the Mo’Cafe next door, an innovative venue concept of Bazaar and Kemia (Arabic Tapas). He also financially supported and the launch of Michelin Starred restaurant Club Gascon in Smithfield Market.

In 2002 Mourad opened his most visionary project to date, Sketch, with three Michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. A tribute to superb gastronomy and cutting edge art, Sketch is now a London institution having won a host of major awards including its first Michelin star in 2005.

In 2006 Mourad opened Almaz by Momo restaurant in Harvey Nichols Dubai, a superb amalgamation of modernist North African design and food.

In 2008 thePrada Foundation has asked Momo’s team to operate the Double Club “Pop up Restaurant & Bar”, an installation of a Congolese and Western bar and Restaurant by world renowned artist Carsten Holler. At the same time, Mourad opened Derrière in Paris.

Mourad has published a culinary journey through North Africa, The Momo Cook Book (2000) which has subsequently been translated into five other languages, French Spanish, English, Dutch and German.

Mourad is also the founder of Mo’Zik record label, which aims to create a diverse musical universe that crosses the boundaries of Eastern, Western, contemporary and traditional music. The latest CDs produced by the label include ‘Sketch 02 day’, ‘Latinesque’ and ‘Arabesque 4’.